I must tell you we have struggled for months to overcome the effects of Covid-19 and this pandemic. When it started, the first blow to our business was the shutdown of not being able to conduct business in NY State from the Governor’s office. We needed to be safe and keep our handymen and our customers come first. I get that.

Rising material costs and shortages of wood, metals became an issue we could not control. We became overwhelmed with service requests at that time. We have done our best to keep up with it all.

We have lost some good handymen that have been with us for years. I understand that they did not wish to go into homes, to risk possible infection. We have actively tried to attract new talent. Sometimes unemployment pays someone to sit on the couch and collect money instead of working.

After 14 years the struggle is real for us to provide the “A” rated service that customers trusted for over a decade. Anyone claiming to be representing us, will be prosecuted.

My and my wife’s health has been questionable these past few months and the stress is not good for us.

As of 09/01/20 we will begin the process of closing our doors for good. I wish to thank all the great customers and friends we have made along the way. Deposits for future jobs will of course be returned. Any inquiries can be sent to

God bless you. Stay safe out there!

Patrick OToole, President